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Client give wrong requirement,delivery time left only 2 hours,suggest what to do now?

Hello all , I need your suggestion from your previous experience…

My project was fixing some wordpress errors and for that i need site dashboard login details…
But buyer give me wrong login credentials,I told him to give right one…But he is offline till now,but delivery time left only 2 hours,He is offline, so there is no possibility to increase time,right…Now what should you suggest me ???

Now what should you suggest me to do ??? will I send him fake delivery to,otherwise it will affect on oreder completion rate…


And with a “fake delivery”, you risk an account warning or your account being banned.

It’s best to check provided logins and other order requirements as soon as they come in or you’re able to, and in cases like yours, immediately react, that’s either sending a time extension request to the buyer via the resolution centre and hoping they’ll reply in time, or asking support to cancel the order because the buyer provided no/wrong requirements and hoping they’ll reply on time …

Not ideal for 24-hour orders obviously (if that happens a lot to you, it might be an idea to only offer such gigs with longer delivery time and 24-hours only as custom order, after getting the requirements from the buyer) but that’s how it is, unfortunately.


Thanks miiila

If I ask support to cancel the order that will never affect on my order completion rate, right ??

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No, never is not right. Some people say it affected their rate when support cancelled for them, some say it didn’t. I suppose it’s case-by-case basis.
But if you cancel yourself, it does always affect your rates.

No guarantees, I fear.


I think it’s better to ask for time extensions from the resolution center stating the ‘buyer did not submit requirements’ reason. You will get more time this way and the buyer may be online by that time to fix the issue.

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He will get more time only if his buyer will come online in the next 2 hours and will agree on that dispute. Otherwise his order still will be late.


exactly, have you any suggestion for me ??

mariashtelle1 exactly, have you any suggestion for me ??

@miiila already gave you great suggestions. And there are no other options that you expect.


miiila, I contacted with customer support according to my issue but time is left less than 1 hour,Now, if they couldn’t reply within this time,order will be late …

  1. Check the requirements immediately after you get an order (or as soon as you can). Especially if you provide 24 hours deliveries. Buyers tend to stick around for a bit after making a purchase so you have a high likelihood of them responding fast.

  2. As soon as you notice that some information is missing, message them. Keep in mind the timezones (they can be asleep, you can check their local time in your PMs under their username) and the weekdays/holidays. It’s Sunday so your chances to receive a timely response are low.

  3. Contact CS and ask them to cancel the order on the basis of the buyer being unresponsive. Do that asap. It takes hours for CS to respond. Sometimes days.

Then you wait on who responds first - CS or the buyer.

There is nothing else you can do, unfortunately.


You should not cancel order. It will harm your gig.

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Simply ask for an extension.

That wouldn’t give him much. His buyer needs to approve it before the deadline as I already mentioned.
otherwise order will count as late anyway.


I contacted with customer support and they’re not response till now,but my order is now late to deliver :frowning: let see what’s gonna happen next…

CS may see that you have tried to reach out to your buyer and to them. They may still add time to your order and not count it as being late. :wink:


Really? They can do that now?

(It’s pretty awesome if they can).


I am not sure. I have had two times in the past where CS has added 2 days to an order where the buyer was AWOL. I thought that CS may take pity on the OP and add the time and not count it as late since he did reach out to them. :confused:


if they can,it will be great opportunity to overcome this situation…

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I just think don’t cancel the order, just one order getting late won’t affect your stats sooo much, but a cancellation would.

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