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Client invited me to join their team on Fiverr Business

Hi there,

I’m a seller in Fiverr platform. After complete an order, One of my client has sent me an invitation to join their team on Fiverr.

After click on the button, it’s redirecting me to a Fiverr Business page. But, I cannot link my existing Fiverr seller account with Fiverr Business. Please see the attached “Fiverr Business Page.png”.

Can anyone answer the following questions regarding this case:

  1. Do I need to register on Fiverr Business Seller using a new account with a new email address?

  2. If yes, Can I link/merge both accounts (Fiverr Freelancer account with Fiverr Business Seller account) after the registration process?

  3. If No, can I use both accounts. I think it’s violate the Fiverr platform TOS.

  4. What are the benefits by joining as a Fiverr Business Seller?

Many thanks!

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Yes, you can manage your existing seller account and Fiverr business account together. After creating a business account you will be worked as a team member. It does not violate the Fiverr platform TOS.