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Client is accusing me of plagiarism. I am scared they'll cancel the order and I'll lose money and all my time will be wasted

I feel they are doing it intentionally.

Hi, @superderrick. I think as long as you have the proof that your creation is original, then no need to worry. Fiverr won’t blindly believe what the client says. Stay calm and when Fiverr contacts you about this thing, explain to them professionally.

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Thanks a lot. First time it has happened. I hope it ends well

You are welcome, @superderrick! I hope so.
Maybe if there is an update, you can update in here so that this would be useful for future sellers who experience the same problem.

I’m currently standing my ground and asking him to show proof. He claims 90% was plagiarized and I’m asking for a screenshot of where he’s getting that info from.
He hasn’t produced any yet.

I hope you have contacted CS about this. The buyer may be trying to get free work from you.

If it is indeed your work, stand your ground, and send proof to CS immediately.

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