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Client is asking for refund for graphic design on market research project


In one of my order, client asked for standard package of my market research which I have delivered with some graphs & charts (client said if I can include some graphs & charts that would be great in order requirement page). Now after I delivered research data & clarified all his queries about the market trends & information, he is now saying he is not satisfied with report full of text & some graphs and asking for report with graphs, data & charts only or he is asking for refund. In my market research report I have delivered what I promise to be delivered & there are no further scope to cut all writing market research information & provide only chart, graphs & number. I have never committed to deliver so neither client has said that during initial discussion.
Now Client has shared high graphic design PPT sample with graphs only to modify the market research report in that way only or is asking for refund or ready to pay for a quarter of package only.
Kindly suggest what to do because what he is asking is not part of market research, which is part of graphic design he is not ready to agree on design part which I do not provide.

If I am not able to provide such graphics whether it is going to hamper my rating due to client would give me negative rating for not providing required graphics.

Looking forward to your suggestion.

Best Regards
Sourav Mandal


This type of client is very bad. After getting their work they want refund. Its one kind of fraud. I think you should refund in my site.

But refund would be there when client is not satisfied with market research data that I have provided…In my case client is asking for excellent graphic like KPMG (he has shared one KPMG report) which is completely different type of service.
In such case if the buyer gives me low rating can it be removed? If such case does falls under refund? Can I expect any help from CS?
Can anyone please suggest on this?

No it can’t be removed.

No it doesn’t because you delivered everything as promised in your gig and design in not part of your service.

If he is doors that use abusive language or threatening you then fiverr will tell you to try to resolve it with your buyer.

When you are already in this situation you have to choose the least evil for yourself. You can get paid and get a glowing review if client is unsatisfied.

You can explain that his order is not eligible to be cancelled as per TOS and risk of getting bad review but at least you will be paid for your work. You can also review him back and leave your message with your side of a story under his review.

Or you can cancel the order to avoid bad review and not be paid for your work and hurt your order completion ratio.

Your choice.


Hi…I intimated client that it is not possible for me to refund since I have completed market research offer & high end graphics is not part of my gig…Now client has shared one message saying that he has contacted customer care and they have suggested that though graphics is not part of my market research gig but still I have to do it since client has that requirement (client shared graphics requirement after order delivery). Is this possible for CS to share this kind of response with client that we have to cover outside gig offer requirement also.

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I feel so sorry! This is not your fault. You’ve fullfill your task what’s promised in your gig description and still are getting in trouble. Bad situation. I hope it will be fine.

Is it a screenshot that your client sent to you or is it just a message that he wrote to you? Can you share that screenshot for us? (Of course you will have to cover all names on that screenshot)

It would seem weird for support to suggest for you to provide service that you don’t offer. It’s like someone ordering logo gig and asking voice over on top. Obviously logo designer would not be able to provide voice over and the same here: they can’t ask you to provide design services when you are offering only research

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Client just send me a message from CS, no screenshot. I am sharing screenshot of dispute raised by him (last message).Refund issue 2

Hi All,

Latest update CS has cancelled the order on behalf of buyer request. I have also reported the incident but CS did not respond to me and cancelled my order despite I have provided 40 pages marketing research report & put in my effort & time but was not able to deliver graphics content which was client’s post delivery requirement. Very much disappointed to see this.

Not getting paid for work done & being forced for cancellation for out of gig offering requirement is really disappointing. Moreover buyer now has the report for free.