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Client is asking for revisions again and again, does this effect the overall rating?

I’ve completed the order and the client is asking for revisions. Does this affect the overall rating? I’ve observed that impressions and views are decreasing. What’s the solution?

The gig you have active doesn’t offer revisions. You can say no.

Denying a revision request doesn’t affect impressions nor views.

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But then I won’t be getting positive review. That the issue

You have 45 5-stars. One bad review will affect that, yes, but several top sellers have less than perfect scores. You’ll also have the chance to respond to a negative review, and give you’re side of the story. The only only option that I can see to avoid a non-perfect review score is canceling, which has other consequences that I think are probably worse, including not getting paid for your work.

The only possible way to get out of this without affecting your stats is asking CS to cancel without affecting, and you’ll still loose the payment, which I suppose is the cost of keeping perfect stats. They may deny a request anyway.

How many revisions have you already done? Why is the client unhappy, and why do they keep asking for the revisions? Are the revisions a lot of work?

You could state that you’ll provide one more revision after this and no more, putting a final offer on the table. And if you do and they accept, then stick to that boundary.

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All right. First of all thanks for explaining it in detail. The client is happy with the work. He’s just changing his mind, again and again, that’s why he’s giving revisions. These sort of revisions were not included in the offer but still, I’m doing it just to get a good review. Anyway, I need to stop it now. I’ll mention this for the next revision. Thank you very much

lol free revisions, :•) Nice but not in your favour.

Always be totally clear when making a gig and state revisions are available or not.

I would revise your gig and take a note for next time.
You shouldn’t be afraid of a bad review when in your case there are no revisions in your gig, and actually doing someone a faviour.

I’ve been there, too. I know how frustrating this can be.

When revisions are not included in the offer, you are not required to provide them (especially for free). Even more so, when the customer is constantly changing his mind. There is a huge difference between offering a revision when the job doesn’t meet the specifications, and offering a revision because the customer has changed his mind.

If I make a mistake in my work I’m more than happy to offer free revisions to my customers. But if the customer changes his mind it’s a different story.