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Client is deceiving me after getting work

A client is making dispute after getting complete work. He asked me to make a page on WordPress site when I completed 25 pages then now he is canceling the order. Any solution to get payments

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You do not have to accept the cancel.

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Eventually, the client can contact CS and it would be cancelled anyways. :expressionless:

Very frustrating. Hope it works out for you. You obviously worked hard to fulfill the order and make the client happy.

Not necessarily. I’ve had a couple of scam buyers try it and they were refused by CS.

OP refuse to cancel! I see this is your first website design on fiverr.

Does he give any reason for wanting to cancel?

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What is the reason that the buyer is going to cancel the order?

I do not do web development but I have a question in my mind, make me right if i am wrong.

Can you change the password of site until the buyer do not approve the delivery?

Once the buyer approve then you may give the buyer the password or reset the previous password.

Thank you.

I’m also not an expert, but I’ve seen previous similar threads where people suggest this. Unfortunately, it seems uncomfortably close to blackmail.


This is a space I’m looking to get into. I would recommend having a local (free) or an online wordpress setup of your own (gonna cost some $s) to let your clients preview without receiving the work.

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Totally agree. This could be seen as a violation of the ToS; pressuring the buyer for a favorable review indirectly.

that happened really… feel sorry .

If you did the work as asked and in your converstaion upto finish he aksed for changes continuelsy means he liked the work and is trying to scam. If he has anything left that you did not then do it.

However if he says he wants to cancel he doesn’t like the work tell him sure let me delete all work all 25 pages and send you cancel request.

Iff he says yes do it delete work and cancel if he changes password then you got 100% proof.

Go to CS then and they will decide :slight_smile:

You should review your development process.
Here’s one way of doing it

  • Set up your own server for development
    – You shouldn’t practice cowboy coding.
    – There’s no point doing it locally as you can’t show it
    – Most likely you’re not familiar with the client’s server so you might find some unexpected surprises in configuration or it might be even incredibly slow to work with.
  • Ask the client to back up their site before you even touch it (if you screw up then they can restore it)
  • Make a second backup yourself (in case client doesn’t do it properly)
  • Install Updraft Migration, All-in-one Migration, ManageWP or what ever plugin you use and clone the client’s website to your dev server
  • Make the changes requested on your server
  • Ask the client to review and confirm that the job is completed
  • Make another backup in case client made changes to the site in the meantime
  • Migrate the site to their server, do the final testing and make another backup
  • Deliver the order

So here’s why you need to do so many backups

  • If the client claims you messed up their site then you have at least 3 backups
  • If something goes wrong during the migration you can restore the original (for example the client is using a cheap hosting solution that is not properly configured)
  • If a client says they are not satisfied and requests a cancellation then you can refuse it
  • If they contact CS to file a dispute then you have client’s confirmation to show
  • If the client still wants to cancel and you agree then they can easily restore their entire site to the state it was before you even touched it.