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Client is happy for my work he also told me he place a good review but after i sent all file he gone off line

what should i do now !! my client completed my order then told me to change my design little bit and he told me that he after that he give me a nice review !! then i change my design and sent all file to him, after that he suddenly goes offline !! what i do now !! he don’t place review !! is he place review after some time or he never place it or i ask him ?

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Buyers have up to 10 days to leave a review, but that doesn’t mean they will. They have the option to do it or not. It’s not an obligation.

No, it is never a good idea to ask for a review. That could get you into trouble. Here’s what CS said about that:


oh thanks for knowing me this think !! it will so much helpful for me !!

thanks !!