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Client is irritating

Hi there all!
I am working for a client which is basically a broker that takes orders from other client and sends me.
My issue is that my client takes alot of time in replying and the 2 days order has now come to a month’s project and he doesnt reply actively whenever I deliver the work and comes after a minimum of 2 days and tells me there is a revision. The order is now auto completed but he has come again with a whole new revision infact a redesigning. he hasnt left a review on the order and I am afraid that now he is going to give a bad review because I have said him that I will charge for these redesignings now.
Suggest me how to handle this type of client please!

Only agree to complete as many revisions as were part of his order. If he insists that you keep doing more work than he ordered, politely decline, and send him a custom purchased revision offer. He is only entitled to what he chose to purchase when he placed his order. You are not required to keep working for him, unless his order included unlimited revisions.


I agree with @jonbaas on the revisions topic. I used to offer unlimited reviews/20 reviews but now I will do that to only a few of the clients I have already worked with and am sure that are not going to use each revisions with a reason.

I have dealt with a client like yours that took 2 days to reply in a 3 day order and I visited the Resolution Center to ask for additional time with no cost for my client even though I should have been paid more for the work. I tried to stay positive and get the job done, be kind and never show my frustration.

I hope your delivery gets accepted soon so you can move on from that “bad apple”. I wish more better days here! It’s part of the process but the less the better :slight_smile:


I have never offered unlimited revisions due to this. Recently though, and I am still stuck here, a client got 12 revisions from me for a long project. Instead of getting to the main job, I had to do everything else but, and now they’ve got finished products of other stuff besides the main thing which I was to do, writing and editing. The most frustrating part is, even after 12 revisions Fiverr is allowing them extra, which they can do so while rejecting all gig extras I’ve sent in hopes of making these additional revisions worth my time. My health is also quite bad, I’ve been trying for weeks to get rid of this stress. At this point I think exploitation is by design. For pete’s sake how can there be more free revisions when I offered plenty!

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What do you mean by that? Why is fiverr allowing them extra?
Usually it is you, the seller, who decides that.
The only one who controls that is you. Not fiverr, not the buyer.

I have no clue. When I sent my last delivery, I thought it was done and dusted. But next thing I know there is a revision open and I have to deliver modified work or risk cancellation. Even now, the order is well late. The client can cancel and keep all the work with no consequences, but I have to try and get something of this largest project I’ve ever taken at my no-level profile. I can finally fulfill my Level One requirements but I am at a loss as to how.
I finally, just an hour ago discovered I can offer a revision in the Resolution center so I have sent one via that. But the whole experience has made me decide to move to some other site.

Edit: Yeah, Fiverr has to be, because I sure as heck did not give unlimited revisions, nor do I want to give any more.

You have to say stop at some point and politely send him a custom offer when asking for additional work.


Handel him politely.A Bed Review could be harem full for your carrier.

Handle with simplicity @hamzah_imtiaz

@hamzah_imtiaz - you have unlimited revisions on all your premium packages. If the client bought a premium package you have to do any and all revisions they ask for, even if they come back a year later.

For next time: define in your package what a revision is - ie, a revision includes an adjustment to the original delivery, not a complete redesign.

Remove unlimited revisions from all your packages. They attract this kind of client.

Once that’s done, bear in mind that just because a buyer asks for a revision … you don’t have to agree if it’s outside the original spec. A polite note to that effect, accompanied by a custom offer usually does the trick. It certainly has for me.

Talk to CS - they may cancel the order, but frankly your mental health is not worth whatever the buyer is paying. Learn to say “no”

Much sympathy for your situation


I use a similar approach and it’s worked so well for me.

Unless you have a total scammer, there’s a good chance that if you give the person options and explain the contract to them, they’ll comply. I’m not sure why this is. Maybe they just see we mean business and aren’t going to back down…

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So this could be the reason.

Or this could be an important life lesson the OP needs to learn, how to set and keep boundaries for what he will or will not allow.