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Client is making a legal action threat for a job we've already delivered close to 3 months

Hello Fiverrians, sure you are all doing great? So I have this client I worked with close to 3 months ago. His job was delivered based on his requirements, while working on that video, he said we should still change some things in the video we made (Phone number and website URL which will require a new voice over being recorded).

This as well was done without charging him any additional cost. The job was marked as completed close to 3 months ago.

He came back today saying I should revise the video with entirely new information (100% different from what was sent in the video delivered months ago).

He said I should change it and he is not ready to pay since he already paid for the job months ago.

I explained to him that before we can work on this job, he has to pay an additional fee because this new information is totally different and the contract ended more than 2 months ago.

He is making threats about taking legal action… What’s the best way to go about this and get it resolved? Can the legal action really happen?


Legal threats are just hot air.

Block 'em and move on.

You don’t need this toxic Buyer in your life.


You might have to contact Fiverr Customer Support, and let them know you are being threatened. Be sure to say that you DO NOT want to cancel the already completed order, but that you’re concerned the Buyer might attempt to get Fiverr to cancel it under false claims.

(I agree with the report-and-block.)


Thank you for the advice…

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Thanks for the advice… Wonder why he is making threats on what I’m not at fault. Will probably report and block as suggested.

Agree with @imagination7413
Try to contact Fiverr CS first to defend yourself. Tell them that Buyer is threatening you, provide fact and screen shot.
There are many case when Buyer lie to Fiverr CS and get their money back, eventhough the order was marked complete.


Of you open your order on a laptop under the requirements itself there is a sentense in small light grey letters saying that buyer agreed that information they provided is correct and all extra information/changes might be an extra cost.

So you can send them that screenshot


Beautiful! I know you guys are wonderful here, that’s why I’m yet to take any quick step. Thanks for this piece of advice.

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I love the way you have introduced us as fiverrains


Yah, I thought that was kinda cool, too!


Unless they are incredibly stupid and very rich, your buyer is not going to take legal action.

What are they going to base their claim on? You finished the work contract. Job done. End of.

They are just trying to scare you into doing extra work for free. Nasty people. Block them.

My only concern is that they might try and do a chargeback to punish you and get their money returned.

As others have said, I would advise writing to customer support informing them of the buyer’s threat.


You should report this to customer support because I know a seller who had a similar kind of experience. Buyer upload work files one of his site and claim seller copy his design from a website. But he uploads designs after the order completion date, and the seller has source files with his work. For that, Fiverr restricted the seller account for a week during the process. Fiverr always on the buyer side. So it’s better to explain the situation before it’s too late.

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Being rich and stupid?
Dang, that’s quite the dangerous combination!!!

I later contacted the fiverr support, but as always, they will support the buyer directly or indirectly, which is sad. Unfortunately, I will have to update the video with their new details from my pocket, free, so as to avoid any sanctions.

Thank you all for the advice and suggestions.


It is indeed an an incredibly dangerous combination!

What exactly did they say?
They can’t punish you for not doing free work. Or did you have unlimited revisions included in your gig?

Every once in a while you’ll come across entitled clients and they’re not worth the trouble. Just stay professional and keep doing what you’re doing.

I think whenever we give unlimited revisions to buyers, and note that they already can contact fiverr for any complain or assistance we provide after 1 or 2 months of delivery, fiverr will go with the buyer’s side.

Hmm, Fiverrians, sounds like you’re referring to people from a fantasy country :sparkles:

Jokes aside, if you offered in your gig dumb things like 100% satisfaction guarantee or unlimited revisions, buyer can benefit from that. Though I’m not sure how, because the order was placed and completed already :neutral_face:

I would tell them to have their way out. I would not touch their project, not even with a broomstick. The order is done, there is no reason to ask for more free work. I would block them and move on. Unless in your gig you offered explicitly that you will touch up the project once it’s ready and delivered (something very stupid, but there are unbelievable things happening in this platform) you are not forced to work again in their project.

Sounds like your client’s day-drinking :laughing:

Yeah, there’s zero basis for “legal action” - not only do they have no leg to stand on here, the amount is negligible (based on your gig prices) and court costs would likely run them more than they’re hoping (in vain) to “recover.”

Man, there are some real clueless bullies in the pool of buyers.