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Client is not active at correspondence. 14 hours left to dead line

Hi seniors and respected members
Client bought one of my gigs but client is much busy to response my answers. This job needs client’s full attention and time. Now I am confused what he wants about the project. Will he cancel it or what happened if my order reached to deadline without successfully delivery.
Hope all me fellows and seniors will guide me.
Thanks and Regards.

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I have the same issue but I went ahead to complete the order and delivered. I’m Waiting for revisions from the buyer. Maybe you need to contact support if he cancels your order. It’s totally not your fault.
Best of luck. :muscle::pray::clap:

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Try to contact customer support to cancel the order. It will not hamper your account. Because you have no fault.


@sahrear_anik @chibuike1234 What if he does not cancell the order,
Will it effect on the performance of my account.
I mean what kind of sequences I have to face regarding my account’s reputation.

It is not your fault. So customer support will directly cancel your order if you want. It will not hamper your account stats.

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If he has already stated his requirements, he is not obliged to respond. However, if the order has started without the needed information, it could be a problem. You can contact CS like others have said, but if you agreed to start the order without the full information, there is nothing you can do except maybe cancel, or get late.

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I don’t know what was the time bindings for this order, only know 14 hours left to dead line.
Any way, you may wait for respond of client for more 13 or 13.30 hours.
After that time you may send a time extension request to client. And also send a message to him/her for accepting your request.

I hope Client will be able to see your message within 1 or two days.
Once client accept the request, you will get more time to work. ( There will no late for your work)

Other hand if you think for order cancellation, you may do it later. Because you will able to do it any time.

I think be patient, it will be better. ( If you cancel faster, you will loss order)