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Client is not approving the delivery and put a dispute

Hi Fiverr Community! My client is not approving the delivery even though he said he would approve the delivery in 24 hours. After spending 24 hours, he put the dispute on order and not responding to my messages. I have declined the dispute. What I have to do now?


Depends on the dispute. Did you complete the order fully and to scope?


Yes, i have completed the details before order after satisfaction he told me to send custom offer which he accepted. After two days of delievery, he put dispute without even telling me anything.

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What type of dispute your buyer is putting ?

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I helped him before placing the order. After completing the work, he said to send custom offer so i send him. I assure from him that will he pay instantly. He said yes! So i send custom offer and he accept. He didn’t approve the delivery even after one day. I ask from him about it he said he will approve soon even i had done his work even before placing the order. After that he dispute the order without even telling me something.

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Firstly, you should never have done the work in the first place without an order already made.

And now it looks like the OP’s account is suspended/banned.


It was actually a friendly deal, i didn’t demand any money from him before placing the order. When he like the work, he offers me to give some amount in return.

My account is restricted.
Is it ant difference between restricted and suspended account?

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