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Client is not paying

I worked for a client, removed bugs from his app and gave him a signed apk. He said he’ll accept my custom offer tomorrow and then i can send him the source code in order delivery but now he’s making excuses and saying I’ll pay you tomorrow or the day after that. In short he’s stalling me and not paying me. Can i do something through fiverr to get my money from him? The gig wasn’t big but I’d like suggestions to be careful in future dealings.

NEVER, EVER work without the buyer placing an order.

If you worked and delivered through inbox, there is no way Fiverr can protect you. You gave your work for free. Sorry. Don’t do that ever again.

If a buyer wants you to work, he/she has to place an order first.


You should only start on a project when the buyer actually makes an order.

You basically worked for free now. How can you be sure that the buyer will order later? No one can help you now. It’s up to your buyer. He might choose not to pay you and nothing can be done about it.


Never do work without them giving you an order first or you are not going to get paid.

This happens all the time. They are NEVER going to pay if they get the work free. And he is not a client. A client is someone who first pays you.

He is not even a scammer. He is just someone who you chose to do work for without pay.


You just worked for free!

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Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in detail.


Lesson learned: Never work on a project before the buyer places an order.


never work if he hasn’t placed the order