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Client is not replying but deadline is approaching!

Hi everyone!

My name’s Nicole and I’m a newbie here on fiverr. You can view my profile at @albanicole :slight_smile: I received my second order about a day ago through buyer requests.

My client accepted my offer and gave a vague description of what he wants his logo to look like. The delicery deadline I set on this project was two days, and currently I have less than 24 hours to deliver.

My problem is that my client hasn’t been active on the platform for a day, so I haven’t gotten any feedback on my design concept. Should I submit my work without his approval of the design to meed the deadline? Or do I risk either missing the deadline or him cancelling my work?

I need some advice! What should I do?

Deliver what he ordered, and complete the order. If the client needs any revisions, he can process a revision request – which will make the order active again while you complete his requested revisions.


What @jonbaas said. It happens less now than it used to in the early days of Fiverr, but occasionally a buyer will go dark after placing the order. When that happens, you deliver as best you can based on what was provided to you. If the buyer requests a revision, you can go from there. Otherwise, the buyer has three days to accept the delivery or it is automatically accepted.


Alright! I’ll deliver it immediately then. Thanks so much :smile:

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That’s really helpful, Aaron. I’ll keep tha in mind from now on. Thanks so much!