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Client is not responding... it's been two months!

Hi all! I’ve been on this platform for a while now and I have an issue I need help with. On my seller account, one of my clients has been very unresponsive. The contract was due on September 1st 2020. I delivered as promised and they requested a revision. Of course, I made the changes. But, they started requesting more revisions and requested that I write more (writing gig), so I told them that I would charge for the extra text. As we were unsure of the number of words it would take, we chose to wait until the end to see how many extra words were needed. All was well until around a month ago.

They are now not answering and the contract is in revision indefinitely. I have checked in to ask if any more revisions were needed, it took them three weeks to tell me that they’d get back to me mid-October. Ten days after mid-October, I checked in again, politely asking whether they would send details soon. Now, we’re the fourth of November, and the contract has been ongoing for well over two months, and I don’t know what to do. Do I send a gig extra for the extra 4000 words and then send a revision again? I am trying to avoid a negative review, but I feel it’s very unfair as I did what I advertised (and beyond…). Your advice is very appreciated!

Resend the order as last delivered. It’s against the ToS to abuse the revisions option. If your buyer wants more work, it can be a new order.

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