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Client is online and not responding

I am working with a client and he was communicating with me before placing the order. I sent him a sample and then he decided to place the order ( he liked the sample and asked for a few modifications)
After placing the order I see him online and I sent the revisions he asked for but He is not responding and didn’t give me a feedback
2 days are remaining for the order and I don’t know if he liked the new version or no
what should I do?


Just deliver the order using the delivery button on the order page.

If you’ve done all the revisions asked for, you’ve completed the job. No need to get the buyer’s permission to deliver. Just do it.


But if he didn’t like what I have done he may give me a bad review

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You’re a freelancer. Freelancing is a risk in and of itself.

If you’ve done as asked, deliver the order. Not doing so may affect your profile more (completion stats). The only way to get paid is to deliver.


You are demonstrating inexperience.

Your client placed an order. It is your job to do the work and deliver the order.

To break things down a little…

You’ve already had discussions with your buyer over the scope of the job. So maybe your buyer doesn’t want to discuss the job anymore. In other words, you’ve had your instructions - he just wants to see the result now.

By not formally delivering the finished work you might actually be annoying your buyer rather than helping them by trying to seek permission.


If he has a question or a concern or he needs to tell you something obviously he’ll contact you. No one buys a service without making sure it’s right.

And would it be good for your rating to pressure him to respond? No. It would be rude and unprofessional.

Just leave it. Be patient.


If you finish your work means just use the delivery button and do the delivery., if you make the buyer irritate or he feels your repeated text as annoying means it will also lead for bad review., So do the delivery and be paitent