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Client is scam and want to take work and run what to do?

this happens alot with me that after i deliver the work same as the client wants the client (who is scam) wants to cancel the order.

for e.g after submitting the work on of the client sent me this message:
"I am afraid this is too basic and if I will rate you it will damage you.

As I said, I suggest you cancel the job, or, I will dispute. Up to you.

Please let me know."

what should we do?
if we go to fiverr for dispute and fiverr gives it in our favor (which doesnt happen) the client will give negative rating.

what is the best option for us?



You need to decide that for yourself. I would prefer not to cancel the order after having put in the hard work and effort in doing the customer’s work. I would like to get some remuneration for the work that I did.

Besides, this :arrow_down: message from the buyer sounds like a threat/blackmail to me.

This is a violation of the ToS, and I suggest that you let Fiverr’s customer support know of it so that they are on your side in case the buyer decides to cancel the order or leave a negative rating.

Besides, canceling the order whenever you are afraid that you are going to get a negative review is never a solution, imo. When buyers sense this weakness in you, they are going to take advantage of you (without violating the ToS) every opportunity they get. Obviously, you cannot keep giving away free work all the time. You are going to earn zilch if you continue doing that.

You should instead refuse to cancel the order, and if you end up with a negative review, you should expose the buyer for who they really are in your response to their blind review. At least that’s what I’d do.


Buyer threaten you, first you need to report his to CS and let them know the buyer behavior, Further do let me know about the work task as you done exactly what buyer required.

Avoid negative feedback if this doesn’t come to an agreement with buyer. Cancellation is the option and report buyer.

Of you are looking to keep money and don’t get a negative review then that might not happen.

As @hanshuber16 already said you need to decide which one of the scenarios you prefer:

  1. Cancel the order, loose all the time and hard work you put into it, take a hit in your statistics and may be even loose opportunity to send buyer requests
  2. Stand your ground and potentially get negative feedback from the buyer.

And you should report this blackmailing” to fiverr support right away as they are very strict with any manipulations like this.

Secondly if you decide to stand you ground you can always write something like:

“Please note blackmailing with negative reviews are strictly for own with fiverr TOS and as work was delivered as per my gig description and your requirements it also makes a gig not eligible for a refund however I’m happy to work on the revisions if you have any.”


This used to happen a lot with me. Then I figured out that I was probably dealing with the same people over and over again using different accounts. (Once they know they can get work FOC, they make it a habit.) In this case, I would advise you to not cancel.

Refuse to cancel. Then if your buyer leaves you a bad review, make a point of saying in your review and right of reply, that this buyers’ work was deliverd on schedule and as requested, but they wanted it free of charge and tried to blackmail you by threatening to leave a negative review.

Then state that you do not cancel orders after delivery and if this is a problem, you are not the person some buyers may want to consider working with.

I have had very few requests to cancel orders after delivery since I stopped canceling orders altogether. You might get hit with a negative review. However, you are going to get one anyway one day. (We all do.) In this case, use it to your advantage to tell your side of the story and scare away other scammers.


Same thing like this happened with me about 2 years ago on my other gig it had 75 positive reviews.
So i opened dispute with fiverr and it was in my favor and after that the person gave me 1 star review and that gig didnt got any orders after that.
looks like fiverr algorithm puts your gig to last if you get even 1 negative review

I would hope Fiverr investigate the matter and come to a determination.

Regardless of the technicalities surrounding the process; ultimately I believe that in situations like these, Fiverr should have the backs of the sellers who work hard to make this platform what it is.