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Client is Threatening me

I accepted a request from a client to design screens ui, he sent me an inaccurate drawing.i asked him to take time to understand the drawing, he told me no, start now, so I agreed and started … We started designing the screens and whenever I sent him a design he used to say good, wonderful, excellent … Any note he makes to me, I adjust the design according to his opinion. When we nearly finished the design, suddenly he sent me another project that had nothing to do with his request and he started talking to me with orders and pushing me to do what he requested … I told him let me complete the project first and then we discuss in the last … After I completed the project … he told me to let me send it To my team … suddenly he started asking for amendments to things that we agreed to, I started to edit them for of him .but He told me let’s see tomorrow. and the day was the last day to deliver the project. By the way, he always decides by himself, and he spends days responding to my questions regards inaccurate things on his mockup. I remembered that at the beginning of the design, I kindly sent him my number and I told him you can send a voice message and explain it to me in detail. Now he threatens me and he told me I will tell Fiverr that you sent your number to me to Communicate with you outside Fiverr, and they will block you … Please help me, what do I do.


NO need to get worried by these things

you can contact Fiverr customer support and tell that “this buyer is threatening me after i completed all the work”

they will surely help you (in my suggestion better to cancel the job rather than getting a bad review)


I’ve already canceled the job . but they told me that the client have to accept the cancelation within 2 days , but the delivery with end by 12 hours … this will end up by that i didn’t deliver at the time right?.. i will contact them as well … thank you so much


Whenever you face difficulties with buyer always cancel the order with the help of fiverr support, it won’t affect on your order completion rate


You have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service by doing that.


Never give out your personal off site contact information to buyers here. It will get your account banned. If this buyer does contact Fiverr and “tattle”, you may very well lose your account.



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this is wrong , you can only communicate on Fiverr … this might result in a warning or even worse… you should check the rules


sorry my bad I am new here :slight_smile:

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NO need to get worried. Fiverr’s support helps you in these matters. Just try to be as transparent as possible. Share all the details you have regarding this matter with the CS.


yes, i told them everything. I hope they will help me with this :). fortunately, the client has accepted the order cancelation.
The sad thing is that the customer is also a seller. I don’t know why he harm others like this. I hope that neither I nor any of you will face a situation like this again. Thank you so much


he broke the rules in the first place…

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try not to give your number or email, by doing so u are giving them opportunities to threat you. Once you write any contact info you violate the fiverr rules. So its better not to do so.


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Why are so many users telling the OP that they don’t have to worry after breaking one of the most important rules?


you want me to get banned ? :frowning:

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sorry to hear, :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:
Maybe you should also contact support


Sorry to hear this.
But You did violating Fiverr TOS by send buyer your number.
If Buyer decide to report you, then nothing you can do about this part.

Next time, don’t worry with the delivery time project.
As long as you deliver the first update before deadline, next delivery won’t affect your delivery rate.

Once i have a buyer got a problem with their supplier…, need to wait almost 1 month before i can complete the project. Rate still 100%

I suggest that you professionally apologize to your buyer.
Say that there are missunderstanding, and you won’t do same mistake again.
And will do your best to delivery the final product.

Wish you luck,


With this, you gave the buyer a chance to threaten you and play with you like a puppet. And on the other hand, you’ve tempered with the TOS. Don’t ever think of making a mistake like this because your account is definitely gonna be at stake. Try and talk with the buyer and settle the issue between yourselves, if you end up reaching out to CS then your account might likely fall into risk.


If you have contacted CS they will examine the order (eventually) which will result in at least a warning, possibly banning on the basis that you gave your number. Communication outside Fiverr is strictly forbidden.

Being new isn’t an excuse. You signed up to the TOS when you created your account, so it’s on you that you didn’t read them.

Once they’ve got around to whatever they decide, do not create another account. Email them on to apologise and ask first.