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Client is Threatening me

A few tips of what I have learnt during my journey.

  • If a buyer is writing you too frequently about adjustments, tell him that you will start the revision as soon as he collects all of his requirements in a .doc file (this will make him think more about what he wants, instead of sending you thousands of messages)
  • Also, I know that for potential clients it is good to answer instantly. But once you have turned someone into a Client, don’t write too frequently, otherwise he will think that he can write you anytime (night, day, mornings, lunch). This advice applies for People from your same Time Zone.
  • You didn’t know and sent him your phone number, however for Business Deals and for your clients outside of fiverr I will still not recommend on using your personal contact information. Instead of giving your phone number, use your email and use services like Zoom or Google Meet. I ensure you that people may be really annoying by writing you and calling you whenever they want.

That’s why it is important to separate Personal Life from your Working Life (this includes contact information as well). Unfortunately due to COVID-19 I also find difficult to keep these 2 separated since I basically study, relax and work in the same room…
I even try to use a different house (or even different desk or room) when studying or working and it helps to stay concentrated because you relate that area to a specific activity.


oh thank you so much for the valuable points, I really appreciate your advices. thanks again

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they didn’t reply to my email… i hope they forgot about the issue :disappointed_relieved:

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if you see how he talked to me , you wouldn’t say apologies to him :((


We’re talking about your account here. And I haven’t mentioned you should apologise to the buyer. I just suggested that you should talk with the buyer and settle the issue in a calmly manner. If I were you, I would have cancelled the order because in a situation like this, even if you complete the order there’s a possibility of a terrible review from the buyer. But since you know your situation better than we know. You can follow any of the advice given to you above to handle the situation effectively.

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within next 60 days, do not try to make conversation or take any orders from unknowns buyers who come across directly message you and telling you something, just do make them spam because this guy will try to make you report on fiverr. This is from my personal experience. I got same experience like you haven’t got any clue but my ID disabled. so my friend do not worry just make sure you will stick with old buyers and fiverr buyers request until next 60 days

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thank you . i will do this.

You have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service by sending your number

thanks everyone its ended safely and i canceled the order .