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Client is wanting refund after fullfill the order

Hello there.
A buyer has placed an order by fulfilling my requirements. I completed the order by following the requirements and delivered it. Now he is saying it’s not what he want. He wants refund or telling me to do a job that’s price is 10 times higher than the current price. What should I do now?

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Say no.


You try to convince him or directly deny him.

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Otherwise he will provide a bad review.

This literally calls for your negotiation skill. You just have to give him some reasons both party have to settle amicably.

That is a risk you will have to take. Buyers can leave whatever review they feel best reflects their experience working with you.


Cancel = no review and no payment
Do the extra work = will probably ask for more after that. Might not.
Ask for extra money for the additional work = might pay more, might not.
Discuss it with them = might work. Might not.

Roll the dice


it usually ends bad for the seller , from my personal experience it’s not ok to argue with the buyer even if you are right , if a person wants to abuse your services he will do that no matter what you send , cancel the order / block the buyer / report him . Most of the buyers are great to work with .