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Client Issues And Possible Solutions

Hi Fiverrs,
This is less of a rant and maybe more of an observation with some suggestions.

I think Fiverr could do a bit more to “police” their clients on a few aspects.
As sellers we have a ton of qualifications to manage, and of the 8 requirements we have, 2 are HEAVILY influenced freely by clients.

I speak of cancellations and On-Time ratings.

6 of the 8 are under our ability to manage as sellers, but clients can tank your cancellation rating easily, and regardless of who initiates the cancellation it applies against you. (I was told this by Fiverr support a month or so back.)

The second issue is also due to clients responding late, or waiting for a ton of time after a job is delivered in order to respond asking for revisions.

I don’t think many clients know that you can tell when they last logged in because with several jobs I’ve had clients completely ignore my messages, even though I know for a fact they were online. From what I can see, these clients are basically ignoring messages purposely with 0 correspondence because they don’t feel a repercussion for not responding. This, by extension, plays havoc with our ratings.

Not being one to bring up only problems, I’d also like to offer potential solutions which I hope can be implemented with enough support.:man_factory_worker:

  1. In the same way that we get alerts, clients should also get alerts to remind them to check in on outstanding deliveries. It would work much better coming from the system than Fiverr’s apparently since I’ve easily had over a dozen clients see, read and ignore messages related to their orders in just the past 2 months alone. (I’ve been a Fiverr for nearly 4 years now).
  2. Decreasing amounts of time for Clients to accept the order, much in the same way we get decreased amounts of time to respond to revisions. Not sure how this can be done, but since we don’t get paid til 2 weeks AFTER a job is complete, I’ve had many, many clients as of late keep jobs in “limbo” for up to 3-4 additional days.
  3. The ability to flag clients who are not responding without opening a resolution. This is more of a silent flag that support can reference later on in case an issue pops up, likewise perhaps clients could also have this feature too for Fiverrs.
  4. Cancellations initiated by the client or seller should only affect our ratings under certain circumstances.
  5. Having a revision sent your way after the deadline has passed should not send a job into “late” status, at least not to the point where it counts against us.
  6. An option to nudge a client when they aren’t responding. In the nudge, it can be done once every 6-12 hours. The alert might say something like, we noticed you’ve been online but haven’t responded to X, please do so at your earliest convenience.
  7. Allowing clients to have their own set of rating requirements, Delivery Response being one of them, this way Fiverrs would have an idea of whether the client is responsive.
  8. A notice to Sellers to let us know when clients have opened our messages.

For now that’s all I have.
Just a few thoughts (and possible solutions) I wanted to share.

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