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Client Issues and time zones

I’m having trouble with a couple features. I’ve set my VO gigs to 5 days, 3 days for “super fast”. But I’m getting sales from people overseas paying for the 3-day service, so when I wake up the next day and see the email notice I’ve only got 2 days left to do the gig.

Often these clients don’t communicate well and don’t follow my instructions. Because of the time zone difference By the time they write back I’m now on a narrow schedule!

This is kinda BS in my opinion. I have to run because the client doesn’t follow the rules.

But if I don’t “deliver on time” I’m the one who gets a knock and loses my 100% rating.

What am I supposed to do??

It looks like you have done maybe 2-6 orders? It took me about 100 orders to really figure out my pace and to get my descriptions where they needed to be. Lots of anxiety. I know how you feel. Be very clear on what you need to start an order. I would even suggest offering very specific deliveries in regard to style. This will eliminate alot of back and forth questions. The customer should know exactly what they are getting before they order. I would suggest only taking small orders with first time clients. 150 words, 400 words? You decide.

I would drop the 3 day if it is causing you grief. Don’t let the system make you a slave. Just step back and take a deep breathe. You really can make the system work for you. After you get in a routine, you will think 3 days is a long time. Good luck!