Client Keeps citing a Previous Experience of a Cheaper Service Provider


How do you deal with a client who keeps reminding you that they had once paid lesser for the same service you are providing, espcially when you are convinced that your prices are fair?


This is not someone with who I want to work.
When someone say that he has seen cheaper prices elsewhere, I invite him politely to buy elsewhere.

You know why?
Because this kind of client will never be satisfied and will often give you a bad review with this kind of comment:
“For this price I hoped for a better work”


Client: " But this other person paid cheaper"
Me: “Well, that other person is still there if you want this service for cheaper”


“Well, why doesn´t that other person want to work for you anymore?” would be a good question too.


I’ve had this before.

People have literally told me they dislike my prices (even though they’re not even that expensive), and that xyz offers them so much cheaper.

I don’t think they like it very much when I tell them that they’re welcome to go with another buyer if they want to instead. :joy:

At the end of the day, if they like you/your writing enough, they’ll pay whatever prices you can offer them. If they don’t, did you really want to work with them, anyway?