Client Loved Work ! Rated Low!


Recently I had an experience of one of my wonderful client :slight_smile:
On beginning, he told me he is new to fiverr and dont know what to do! I taught him.
I delivered him high quality work and some extra stuff that can be useful to him! He loved work and appreciated extra work with TIP :slight_smile:
and told me to come back again with lot of work and thanked me for extra work and high quality work!
but suddenly I got notification that he completed order and rated me 4.7 * but review was good!
I think he’s new and he dont know how to rate service and how much if seller send work before time period and this high quality :smiley:
Any solution ?
Did any one face same ??
Thanks you:)


4.7 is not a low rating.

There is (or there was, at least) a bug when rating through the app, buyers want to give 5 stars, but it shows as 4.3 or 4.7. Perhaps that’s what happened in your case.


oh yes! that can be cause!
I just feel 4.7 low because I have all 5* ratting till now:)
and why would any one rate even 4.7 if he loved work and delivered before time :slight_smile:
Thanks for you help to make me understand that app can be cause!


it might be the bug then, you can ask your buyer to rate again…


Yes I messaged him but he never back online !
do you think fiverr can help ?


Yo, take the reviews like a man, do not whine about them.
This obsession to get 5 stars will not bring anything good for you or anybody.
Instead, learn from it and try to satisfy better your clients the next time.


yes :slight_smile:
but As I described he loved it and added TIP for good work and appreciation words as well :slight_smile:
I did high quality and deliver before dead line! It was satisfactory fr sure :slight_smile:
Clients surely check rating and reviews before placing order! :smiley: