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Client made an order mistake and asked to cancel - Fiverr punished me for being professional about it!

I’m crying on the inside :cry: And it isn’t even that big a deal, but it’s just so frustrating and it’s all Fiverr’s fault!

A client ordered the translation of two articles. A day later, they came back to me very apologetic as they had realised that one of the article had been previously translated by someone else, and that they now only needed the other one. They requested a mutual cancellation through the Fiverr support system and asked that I send a new offer.

Stupid as I am, I accepted! The client was very nice about it, I was very nice about it, Fiverr slaps me with a 99 percent completion rating.

I have worked here full time for a year and a half. I have always delivered on time and never cancelled an order for being late as I know this reflects my business negatively. I often purchase gigs as well and whenever I see anything less than a 100 percent completion rating I get sceptical and start looking for alternative seller, so I know that this will affect my livelihood - all because I was being professional about an honest mistake!

Fiverr really should differentiate between why orders are cancelled. Was it because of a late or flawed delivery? Great, let it show on the seller page! Was it the client’s fault? Then don’t let it affect the seller completion rate!

Is there another way that I should have handled this, for future refernce? Should I have kept the order and offered “free” work in the future? Could the order have been amended for a partial refund instead (is that possible)?

At this moment, I’m incredibly frustrated about this whole thing!


Well, now you know that you shouldn’t be sceptical about order completion ratio for other sellers when you are ordering :wink:

I didn’t have any single cancellation due to my work, most of them are the same orders placed by mistake or person didn’t read the descriptions (or even package name)

It is discouraging for all of us but it is what it is. We’ve been asking for more than a year to fix this but it doesn’t seem that fiverr will do anything about it.


Where do you even see the order completion ratio for other sellers? I didn’t think you can. :thinking:

That’s a good thing to try in the first place, offering to “credit” the X words for the buyer’s next order. Sometimes it will work, especially if it’s a regular buyer, obviously, if it’s a new buyer/someone who knows they’ll just need that one translation, not so much.


Oh my gosh, you just made my day, you can’t see the completion rate of other people! :grinning: :grin: :smile: At least not on the mobile app (haven’t checked on a laptop yet).

Now I’m confused though because I was certain that I’ve looked at this on other sellers when buying, but I admit that I might be mixing it up with just reading negative reviews about cancellations. Perhaps the actual number was never shown.

Regardless, I’m thrilled if the completion rate is private as long as it remains above 90 percent (a seller level requirement I believe), so all good :grinning: Thanks for letting me rant, The Ranting Pot is like having a colleague to vent with by the office coffee maker :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m pretty sure you’re mixing it up with something. :wink:

It is! :coffee:


It’s true don’t be good to your customers you will be PUNISHED though Fiverr does not like to say it’s a punishment.
Read my horror story and you will see you are not alone.

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I’m not sure why you are so frustrated about this. A 99% completion rating is very good. You won’t have any problems on your account until the completion rating gets down to 90%.

You’re good. There’s really no reason to “cry on the inside”. :slight_smile:


If you’re frustrated by one cancellation, I can’t imagine how you’ll feel when you get your first account warning, first demotion, etc.

Yes, you made a mistake in accepting the cancellation because you got hired for a job, and did the job. If the client was nice, he would have understood that if you explain it to him.

Not really. Buyers don’t see OCR, they don’t see cancellation, they only see the gig’s rating. I know someone who has a 4.7 gig rating, and he has 11 orders in his queue. Others might have a 5.0 or a 4.8 but are lucky to have 1-2 orders, some have no orders.

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The only time when a buyer would see a cancellation is when the delivery is very late and it leaves an automatic review when the seller accepts the cancellation due to lateness (“cancelled - seller failed to deliver on time”).


The whole mistake ordering thing looks fake as a three dollar bill. How do you order by mistake? I mean, you have to click on a set of buttons and follow through the process “by mistake”? Sounds like definitive gibberish to me.

Someone who says that – most certainly found a better price and is making up fake excuses.


This is a good reason to not waste any time in doing a job.

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I realise now as I read the replies that I should have been clearer: I had not yet started working on the article that was cancelled. Had I already done the job, I would have said “sorry, too late”.

Nothing shady about this seller :slightly_smiling_face:

Been there and that was also a shock as a new seller. I was like wait, buyer accidentally orders 2 and now I have cancellation penalty, whaaaat?!

Ya’ll gotta get your stuff together, fiverr.