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Client made two similaire orders by mistake


A client made two identical orders by mistake it is his first time on Fiverr should I contact to CS or just cancel one order.

Canceling the order will affect my stats and the refunded money will only be used on Fiverr’s balance for future purchase.

Any suggestions I really need help.

Thank you so much :blush: :blush: .


2 weeks ago i was in the same situation like you, 2 buyers placed a order by mistakes. I contacted CS and they tell me that it will affect my stats. I lost my level 1 badge because of 2 buyers who ordered by a mistake. Very unfair but they do nothing about that.


yes, it will affect your stats. Your best bet is to convince the client you can do double to work or convert it to any of your offerings. The buyer already lost $2 processing fee already.