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Client message me


Yesterday, I posted my new gig, The next day, client contacted me about changing the color of his sweater, later he will add a picture on his Adult Dating profile. I was very excited that I got message first time on Fiverr. I asked him for sample to make sure. Then he sent me sample which is immature, scam and unprofessional. I reported it so client will never contact me again. Is that good? Because why he sent me through dirty picture.


A little help here. What exactly did the client need you to do?


Reply to @craigscott: I updated my post.


Well……personally I would find it quite offensive. However you did the right thing in making a formal complaint reporting this buyer. Once in a while you’ll find like anything in life one or two bad apples on the tree. Don’t be discouraged though there are a lot of great and reputable members here you will do business with. Keep us updated :slight_smile:


That’s my gig:

I changed it on description under Important Note.

Is that good? Please suggest.


Looks good to me.


Reply to @bachas85: Howdy my lovely Sheriff, it’s been a while since we spoke. Glad to see you :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: I will contact customer support soon.


Reply to @cheezees: he was REALLY scary! He said that my work was completely rubbish and can’t be used. He has also ordered from another seller who don’t work for what he is demanding exactly. she had to cancel numerous times and her level 2 was affected… she got demoted but now she is back with the level 2 batch!


Reply to @craigscott: I hope I will get my gigs. :slight_smile:


You will my dear just keep utilizing the forums here. There are some excellent posts on how to effectively market your gigs to maximize sales. :smiley:


Reply to @bachas85: Howdy Partner :smiley: Social


Haha!! Been there done that! @bachas85 helped me with that last time. I had a buyer he was really terrible. I had to opt for mutual cancellation and one month later he got back to me asking for same service but in a polite way. I just said NO and reported him so he doesnt contact me again!

A few DAYS before he got back to me with a new profile but for the same work (adult book related gig) - :smiley: I told him that I still remember him and will not work for that. again I reported the message :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m mean enough? ahaha


Well, I am not that mean people … kidding kidding L-) But this kind of buyers are not good to deal with


Reply to @jasveena: So he changed his profile and targeted you AGAIN??? I’d call him a stalker!


Reply to @jasveena: Scary! It could have been you :frowning:


Reply to @cheezees: I would have freaked out! Thank God! But I think I need to report him to the CS too now! Not just blocking him from messaging me! He is sooo rude!


I do voiceover stuff and I have a very clear and plain statement on my gig pages that I don’t do any swearing or suggestive material. It blows me away that I still get scripts that are raunchy. The problem is that they have usually already bought the gig before I see the script; then I have to cancel the gig which, as we all know, doesn’t look good and adds to your cancellation rate. Once I had a strip club buy a gig and when I sent them the mutual cancellation request, they wanted to debate with me about it because their strip club was “classier” and “not sleazy.” I assured them it was nothing personal, but they were pretty miffed anyway. It’s right there - in black and white - on the gig page.