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Client messaged me

This was my first message. But my client confused me. he/she wanted fixing him/her problem but didn’t agree send me total files and information. I wanted him to understand in various way but left from the online. if he again back to me then what should i do??

Wating for your better experiance.


Did they place an order or are you just communicating through inbox? If they haven’t place an order yet then you shouldn’t worry. When they get back online they’ll see your previous message and respond if they see fit. If they did place an order is the timer ticking down already?


hey, @j6nyc6
just messaging going on.

Congrats on your first message! Remember, it doesn’t have to be your first sale. If they won’t provide the info you need, it’s best to wish them good luck and wait for another buyer.

It may be impossible to satisfy your client and get a good review if you don’t have all the information necessary. And once they order, you’re on a countdown whether they’ve provided the info or not.


Hi Saddam71

If your client contact you again, just remind him/her that you still need more detailed information before you could provide any help.

Don’t accept unclear order , usually they will bring you negative rating.

It’s much better to wait for a better and clear information order than carelessly accept un-clear order.

Wish you luck :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

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Thanks, for your better experiance.