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Client not answering

hey, I got my first order but the issue I am facing is that the client is not answering my questions regarding the task. i ask him many question but he did not reply. though he was what should I do ? should I start the task or wait until he replies?


@binteee kindly not cancel an order, the buyer sends some requirements.
you can start that job and deliver it before time.
then if he/she wants any modification he/she request a revision from you


But what if he have hired someone else??

Hey @binteee
You do the task and deliver it on time with the requirements he gave you.

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@binteee complete work first then you must have to try to satisfy the buyer to complete the order, if he/she not reply 3 days after you deliver the order, then order automatically completed


I am facing the same problem. I have delivered my work 2 days ago. After 3 days will I get the money?

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yes.After 3 days of delivery order has been completed automatically and you get your money…


InshaAllah. Thanks.:blush:

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Hi… I almost have the same problem but the client didn’t gave me any response…he marked my requirements as he gives me the information but the didn’t answer… I don’t know what to do because the time is running and I don’t want to cancel the order because I don’t want to affect my rate…I only have 3 day left… I worked with him before