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Client Not Give What solution of this


Client not give me review. I do work very hard and if they need change any i do but they not give me review please what have solution for this …


Am new here … but i think clients should feel the hard work you do :slight_smile:


You can’t pressure buyers to leave a review. Usually when clients super happy they leave a review by themselves. If not then maybe it’s for the best instead of getting stuck with an “ok” review.

P.S only half of my clients leave a review. Lately it became more with a new system but equally it’s not so important if I know that the client was happy with my work.


Some buyers do not review
They can be busy
Do not repent of it
You will get good reviews in the future


Just deliver the best work and service you can next time and hopefully more will give you a review. Like has been said, some people may not want to leave a review and they cannot be forced to. Also with the new review system some people may not want their reviews showing on their profile.


hope you will do better in future.


Would you rather get a bad review?

Be grateful you didn’t get a review!

If they liked your work, they will order again.


Wait for the best client who will give you a nice review. But do not force to give you reviews. Thanks