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Client not paying for work

I recently got contacted by someone on Fiverr to do some Matchmove/Rotomation work for a series of short shots, which I found interesting and would like to have them included in my reel. From the beginning, he was a fairly unpleasant and unprofessional person to work with (constantly calling me ‘bro’ should have been a red flag I guess)

He was fairly adamant about only having the orders created after I sent him previews of the shots and he approved them.
Yes, in hindsight I know I should have placed the order before doing any work - there were a series of unfortunate circumstances that led to me not feeling like I can push back - an order I had fulfilled for him previously was admittedly of mediocre quality due to me being inexperienced regarding some rotomation he needed done - this led to me hiring an animator I know to fix it, who also had to start working on it immediately due to time constraints.

I never signed anything, but he did tell me I couldn’t use the footage in my reel. He approved some of the shots, which I created orders for that he paid for. After I reworked the others and sent him previews of those, he ended up ghosting me, and I ended up losing money due to me having to hire the animator (which I, of course, paid fully regardless).

Legally, what are my options regarding use of the shots that I didn’t get paid for in my reel? The way I see it, there are 3 options, and I would be interested in hearing what you guys have to say.

  1. I could tell him that if he doesn’t pay me, I will end up using the unpaid footage in my reel (if that’s legally possible), 2) use it in my reel anyway without talking to him, or just 3) take that hit, learn my lesson, and move on.

I already reported him to customer support, but don’t actually expect anything to happen.

Appreciate any input!

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Before a lot of people come here and call you an “____” for everything that you done, giving that you took time to write consistent and more or less understandable post, plus you separated sections of text in paragraphs (THANK YOU!!) I feel obligated to respond.

Yes, on a occasion you will face clients that will ask something that extends your scope of resources that will require you hiring someone else to assist you. There is nothing wrong with this provided that you are fully aware that the person you hired must be paid regardless how your order ends up.

Now, regarding your order, did you deliver, did he accepted and did you receive money for it?

If answers are yes he is the owner of your work and you are not allowed to use it in your portfolio. Especially if some parts of the presentation are actually done by the other person.

If you place the files in your portfolio it will misrepresent your skills.


Thanks for your reply!

I’m only talking about using the shots I didn’t get paid for, and of course not misrepresenting the work, I will agree with the animator on how I use them in my reel.