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Client not responding (need fast answers) (Answered)!

I have an order but it started without the buyer filling up the requirements (see the attachments). What I can do now?

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you’ve 5 days for complete the order - Message your buyer for provide info as you wanted! :slight_smile:


I writed him 1000 times, he is online and don’t answering me!

Just give him time - 24-48 hours. After Still don’t get any response then you can Open ticket at Fiverr support for help.!


There was only 3 days, but I requested more and he accept, but not responding!

Ok thanks, I will try! :slight_smile:

the buyer did accept time extend of delivery - that means. Buyer is active .

So just send reply message for provide job requirement. I’m sure, he’ll respond.

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If you really have messaged him 1000 times, he’s probably trying to avoid you.

Calm down, take a deep breath and just relax a bit.


Not 1000, around 5 times!

I send him but half hour, and he is not responding! :worried:

Okay - you said 1000 times, I just quoted you - just leave him to get back to you - if he doesn’t then start a mutual cancellation as he hasn’t given you the information you needed.

If he does want the work done, he won’t agree with the mutual cancellation.


This is really a bug as this was also happened to me, just message your buyer regarding the info requirements, if you messaged the client already then you just have to wait for the reply. If the client’t didn’t reply for a long time and the delivery order expired, you can offer a dispute requesting to extend delivery once the client get backed to you or you just have to contact the customer support about this.


Also new nav menu is making me even more hard find when he will write me!

Thats the problem. He is OVER HALF HOUR online and not responding! I requested more time and he accepted, but not responding!

if buyer doesn’t response then you should open a dispute for this order

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Why don’t you just keep a tab with his order page open, and then refresh it as needed.

In the meantime, it’s not a bug - it’s just a buyer who hasn’t got back to you.

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But I will lose ranks!

That’s what I do now!

I’m wondering what to do!

Right, you’ve still got 4 days, so go and find something else to do until this buyer gets back to you. Have a great weekend when it comes!