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Client not responding (need fast answers) (Answered)!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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yes you will lose rank and $.

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AND $$ :confused: How many?

@offlinehelpers is right, couldn’t agree more.


How many I will loose? :disappointed:

you will lose $5 . :slight_smile:

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Happy that your issue is solved.

Generally when you edit your gig requirements especially that requirement which asks the buyer for the inputs, material, information helpful to make your delivery, mark the box underneath it (Answer is mandatory) so the buyer can not pass it in the future.

And if the buyer is not responding to you. Make a blank delivery in return :smiling_imp:

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Hah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No, never make a blank delivery - that’s against ToS I’m afraid.

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Ok, I will send him a simple loading gif! Easy to make! (If he does not responds on the last day)

…the buyer can cancel the order because it’s late, and the seller gets a 1-star “Failed to deliver on time!” feedback.

Never wait for the last moment.


No - either deliver the finished work if you’ve had all the information, or request a mutual cancellation.

If you’ve got nothing to do over the weekend, this might be useful:

I think I should send something! Before last minute pass! :neutral_face:

No, you can’t send something unrelated to what the buyer’s paid for.

Please read the ToS before you go any further or your career on Fiverr is going to be very short.

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It will be related! The gig was for loading animation!

Then can I send him it? :worried:

But he hasn’t sent you the requirements, which was your original question. How can you know what he wants?

I’m out of here now - good luck.

Thanks, even all poblems, I will send him something! (If he does not responds!)

I also go offline! :slight_smile: