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Client not responding properly and started order

What Should I do? My client is not responding properly and my order deadline is next 6 hours. He/she started order yesterday. I don’t know what to do. If I cancel the order my gigs appearance will affect and will get down.

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I assume there is some sort of idea of what he wants. Use what you do know, build and Deliver that On-Time.

This makes the buyer decide to Accept, Revise or try to Cancel. If you did good work to the spec supplied, then you are in the strongest possible position.

DO NOT go talking about how he didn’t send you what you needed as you must assume what he sent is enough to do the job.



You can try what benedictrm suggested OR you can go to the RESOLUTION CENTER and ask for a time extension on the order. Even IF the buyer were to come back AFTER the deadline - as long as they agree to extend the time frame (one of the choices you will be given if you ask for an extension is - “Buyer did not submit enough information” or something like that) of the order, it will not be considered late and when they agree, if they do, the order will go back to your order dashboard and have the new due date.

Try that if you cannot get a hold of them. I think others have also reached out to Fiverr CS and asked them to try to get a hold of the buyer, but, there are things you have in your arsenal to fix this.

Also, if you have not filled out the REQUIREMENTS you need before you can begin an order on your order page, you should go do that now to avoid any further issues in this area in the future. The order does not start to count down until the buyer fills out the requirements if you have them as a necessity to do the order.



The buyer only said that they needed keywords in requirements and later told me chat that they want me to sign up their google AdWords account. I am not sure what should I deliever. Even the buyer usually get online.

Then I think you need to follow @genuineguidance and seek an extension making it clear that the buyer has not given requirements.

Altho they probably think they have and you not signing into their AdWords account probably has them thinking that you are not doing the work or interested. that they don’t/won’t talk to you is not reassuring.

And yes make some firm Requirements or people will run you about like this.


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