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Client not responding

hi guys i had a client yesterday who keeped ignoring all my messages. first he placed and order with less requirement with no details at all so the only way to get him what he is looking for is trough out answering my questions .in my niche is very important to get the most out of the client before starting on his initial sketch . after a day or so i send a last reminder and i was facing late delivery for the first time so if i keep waiting i may affect my account rating so please guys let me know what to do in this case i hope you had similar experience with this type of client

First of all wait for the client. May be he is busy doing something. As for late delivery just deliver a note-file explaining what you need from him and tell him that you have deliver the note to meet the deadline as it affect your profile and you will do his work as soon as he provides requirements.Then you can extend date if your client come back.

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