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Client Order 5 Express Gigs and Didn't Tell me What He Wants

Hey Gurus and Fiverians, I am Meggin McIntosh - your friend.

A client just now ordered my gig and it’s a express gig and the time is already ticking yet he didn’t specify to me what he wanted.

I don’t know what to do now? I have however contacted him but he’s yet to reply.

Please guys, I welcome and highly in need of your awesome contributions.

Thanks very kindly,


Send a message to the buyer clarifying that your timer does not start until you have your requirements and the time given by Fiverr will not indicate the deadline, and outline that if they fail to contact you within the time it would take to realistically finish the job that you will have to cancel the order. Ask for their understanding in the matter and if they haven’t responded in enough time for you to complete, request a mutual cancellation.

This way if the gig times out and you get ‘failed to deliver on time’ feedback, Customer Service can look at your communications as proof that this is no fault of yours and remove the rating.

It’s so stressful when this happens, especially now that there’s a pop up specifically for people to enter requirements in to. This is why we need a “submit details/contact seller first” option as a mandatory first step for gigs that need it.

If the clock is already clicking, go to the Resolution Center and start a mutual cancellation, with a message both there and on the order page (because the message in the mutual cancellation box doesn’t always show up) where you explain to him that you don’t really want to cancel, but the clock is ticking and you don’t have the necessary info. That way Fiverr will send him an email about it, and he’ll see it sooner.

Once he sends the info, you can abort the cancellation and proceed with the task.

One thing I would add is something I utilized more in the first few orders but I still do if things get slow. Especially when I was trying to get those first 10 orders to level 1 and end up with good ratings, I offered super-service gigs (that I could afford to do then since I had time) and I would try to over deliver even if it did mean I essentially made a couple of dollars an hour. To keep things in check, I would let buyers know in delivery that I appreciated them being one of my first clients and had therefore given them some extra service as a one-time courtesy.

I think that really helped me build my reputation and I had repeat customers who understood I couldn’t go all out every time but had seen a great sample of my work. If I have slow times or new gigs I still do that when I can. Just a thought that you might try if you and the buyer are able to proceed. It’s a frustrating situation. Good luck!

Maddie “FontHaunt”

Listen do this , deliver it and leave a message

dear xx xx i am going to mark this gig as completed so the gig timer is paused , once your back i you make click re-delivery .

most case they will not re- deliver

Wow! Thanks so much CatWriter. One more thing though. How bout if I really want to deliver his job, base on our agreements that I can complete the job anytime between 72hrs. Should I deliver to him with one of my bonus kits, and let him know I did that because I don’t want a negative result on my account. Or should I just cancel it?

Your suggestion again will be much appreciated!

@Inkpetal, Thanks for your great input. I really appreciate, you guys are a life saver. :x

Reply to @megginwriter: It’s up to you, really. Overdelivering can help you with your rating (well, as long as you don’t do way too much for $5, then it just becomes pointless), and if you have it documented that he agreed to receive your work within 72 hours, Customer Support should help you if he gives you a negative feedback.

There are many ways you can resolve this. My main gig I give very specific instructions in terms of what specifics the client needs to tell me when I start. If I do not receive the information needed I give the client 48 hours after I follow up. My gigs are 3 days. If I do not receive a response, I request a mutual cancellation but I do let the client know that they can reorder it at any time.

Reply to @catwriter: Wow! Thanks so much Cat, I really appreciate your input here, trust me. By the way, I have just delivered 1 out of his gigs and also included a bonus to tip. You think that’s okay?

Reply to @ilovecustomers: Brilliant idea there! Thanks.

Reply to @megginwriter: As long as it works for you, it’s okay. :slight_smile:

Hey, you can click on Deliver Now…(Green Button) and write there the buyer to give you the required instructions… The clock will stop till he reply’s your message by clicking on ‘Ask Modifications’. Till he answers you the clock will be freezed.

HOPE THIS HELPs YOU… Like this Comment if you think this helped so that I know it helped and if it didn’t please let me know…

This helped me many times for the Rap Gig which the buyers buy and give information after a So Long time. But thats not a BIG PROBLEM like how you said.

Reply to @megginwriter: So, wow, are you really Dr. McIntosh? With the educational background and speaking engagements it is amazing you have time for Fiverr too.