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Client ordered by mistake 5 years ago. Now he's asking to cancel the order

So a client ordered by mistake 5 years ago and now he is asking to cancel the order. So the order is already 5 years late. I have contacted support because I don’t want it to affect my stats with 5 years late and also completion rate.

Since fiverr lately hasn’t really cared about sellers and say they can’t do anything about it, then I’m really worried.

I will keep you guys posted. Support hasn’t answered yet.


Wow :frowning:
Five years is a long time

Someone asked me recently to do revisions for FREE after 4 years so , yes…such people do exist :smiley:

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Not only that, but 5 years ago the system worked differently. I have about 10 orders that people ordered by mistake and never became active since they never attached anything. There was no way to delete them. Most of them are that old, before the site started trying to bring sellers down. It was pretty unusual that a client came back 5 years later and requested to cancel it. The order says 1600+ days late. Just imagine.

Will they be able to fix this or it will be my fault again?

it seems so unbelievable,.,.,.,.,and funny though
5 f years??


Please tell me it’s not a $5 order.

CS does have some discretion when it comes to cancellations. I know of sellers who have had CS cance; orders without it affecting their stats. All you can do is hope and pay you get a human and not a robot. Fingers crossed!

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It is a $5. And lately I have had all sorts of robots. Imagine he tells me “sorry but I can’t delete it so you will be downgraded to new seller because it is 5 years late, etc.”

Sounds so bad, but that has been my fiverr experience lately. And to think that for so many years I was a top seller. In fact, I was the top top seller for like 2 years.

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Ouch! What happened then? Any update?

I had some that were pending orders, waiting on client details. I had CS cancel them once because they were years old. We were on the new system and I got my stats lowered. So never have CS cancel an order for this until they get it fixed, which doesn’t seem to be a priority.

A Robot-like person answered saying that he was going to try to fix it but didn’t guarantee anything. He just told me to look at my stats before and after. After the cancellation, the stats remained the same but it doesn’t really explain if it affected them or not, since it was just 1 cancellation and perhaps not enough to lower 1% but maybe accumulated. I will never know. Anyways, I’m working on writing my books so that I can be completely independent from anything.

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Gig cancellations do affect your appearance in search results, which might lower sales temporarily. I think since the buyer made the order willingly five years ago, without coercion, you didn’t need to cancel.

It’s really unbelievable , how it possible :roll_eyes:

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who 5 years :hushed::hushed:

In 5 years I’d marry, divorce, remarry, have 8 kids, and 2 of those 8 will give me grandkids. Can’t believe how many with mental illnesses wander around these days.

Really some client is very bad (5 years :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:)

Wow! So sorry to hear. It’s a shame that Fiverr can’t do anything for the majority of sellers.

They have a care program mainly dedicated to level 2 and Top-rated sellers. If you’re below that, they don’t invest too much time into fixing problems of non-level, or level 1 sellers.