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Client ordered my gig by mistake

A client ordered my gig 10 days ago and i delivered the project and everything was fine
Now he ordered it again by mistake and asked for order cancellation,and that’s not my fault and i don’t want this cancellation to be in my profile
Will this affect me?

Cancel the order bro. It’ll make you trusty in eyes of your client and in future, he may hire you again. Welcome to fiverr forum. Keep posting and exploring.

Thank you…

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Happened with me few times. Buyer ordered a gig from me then send me a cancellation request saying that the order was made by mistake. The problem is that any cancellation affect your order completion rate and this is very bad. I contacted the support but they say they can’t do anything to cancel the order without my order completion rate to be affected. This really sucks. Fiverr should allow cancelling orders without the order completion rate to be affected for such “order by mistake” cases.

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