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Client pay low and get more work what is better to do?

If I provide 4 WordPress customization for $20 and client order my gig for $20 and give list of 11 tasks, what to do, should I cancel the order or should I do all the task ? because he is not agree to pay more and I know order cancellation will affect my profile.
so what is better to do ?


I think the best way to explain your buyer that you charge $20 for 4 customization and write him chich 4 of 11 want he.

Cancellation is not solution. Try to find a way to compleate work.

but my questions is if he does not agree to pay more and insisting me to do it otherwise cancel the order then what should I do ?

If not, contact to customer support. Do not cancel order without getting an answer from cs.

but most of the time customer support directly cancel the order

I would cancel. However, if you can do it for the price you can do it this time and then tweak your gig descriptions in order to prevent it from happening in the future. Maybe there is something not entirely clear.


Update your gig to list the exact tasks a buyer will receive.

I would also cancel, because in the long run this might be converted into 1 star review

Makes no sense at all.

If these extra tasks are simple, simply complete these.
If those are much tougher & taking much time as you expected, then talk with your clients, ask a favor to pay some extra $$

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From my experience in fiverr, those who have ordered for a specific task but later on they increase their requirement, most of them leave a bad review in that order.

Personally i prefer to cancel that order at the beginning.

Hope that make sense

I just do that.

This seems also a good alternative. Cancellation or getting low rating?

Cancellation will effect you only 60 days and also you lose money, time.
Low rating will be there forever.


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That’s one of the most repulsive things I’ve ever read on the forum. :warning:


Ask your client to order according to your pricing.

If he does not agree you can always go for a mutual cancelation. It will not affect your profile.

I got my answer from your lines, thanks for a good suggestion :slight_smile:

Your welcome :slight_smile: :pray: :pray:

Cancellation by buyer can effect your fiverr account. But cancellation by you can not effect your fiverr account. Thanks