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Client place order without contact me & more


Hello there world of Fiverr again

It is possible to cancel a buyers order that I’m not interested?
The reason why im not interested its because -
First of all he placed an order 3D Modeling ( Basic Package ) 10$ for a job that cost MORE.
Second of all he asked for the lowest price with the excuse that he is seeking Freelancer Artist’s
And if this job have good results, he will have more work in the future for me ~ ( The typical excuse some buyers saying so the Freelancer will make a discount.)
And of course, i said yes.

All that words he said that he is at a stage of building a team of artist and he has a fabrication factory in italy china and some other countries… all this was kinda suspicious…

Never mind, after 2 days the job is done i didn’t deliver the project(Source Files ) to him i just send pictures and video review of the project i waas happy with the results a good painted 3D model with over 2M polygons for 3D Print. But he wasn’t at all… instead he asked for a re-make… making this kind of 3D Work was a pain in the eyes…but legally he deserves 1 Revision According to my gig Basic Package…i’m happy to make the work for him i don’t have any problem at all.But the reason that i don’t have problem is that he told me , he will have future projects for me etc etc… BUT … this is all suspicious for me why a guy with all this “art factories”(lies,lies) in different countries, theoretically he loves art and knows the struggle the passion and patience a person put on this , why is he so cheap and trying to trick me maybe?

Never mind sorry for the long waste of time text , To keep it brief lets go to the main Question again

It is possible to cancel a buyers order that I’m not interested? or i need to finish the job and delivery it with the danger i will get a bad review from this guy? ( the job is already late RIDICULOUSLY) you can check out in my profile i still have this order in Queue and i was going so well in the last 3 months :confused: i sign up at Jul 2017 i made my first gig in October and had my first client in November i think.

I really need a informations or advices for this sittuasion.

Thanks Alot



2 solutions:

  • cancellation => bad completion rate
  • deliver again => perhaps a bad review. Perhaps no review.

It’s up to you to decide!

I hate those clients who explain at the very begining that they have a very big company or huge projects! 99,99% are liars.
Now, I tell them that I have so much work that I am not the seller they need for a long term cooperation.


Thanks, i already decide to ask him for cancellation i think thats better.
Yes , this guy looks like he is one of this liars , my instinct never betrays me.
–At least the work ive done for him will not go in the trash , i can use it for my portfolio.