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Client place the order but didn't write requirements


Client place the order but didn’t write requirements and the order is not starting yet. Now, what can I do?


How long has it been? I think there’s a “nudge” option to re-request the requirements, but the countdown won’t start until the requirements are in.


I want to deliver the work and earn money but after nudging that’s not possible I think :confused:
Is there any way available to inform the client?


Send them a message on the order form page. Explain how Fiverr works. So many buyers don’t understand how it works, and I’m guessing this buyer doesn’t either since he didn’t fill out the req.
I don’t suggest doing any of the work until the order has actually started.
The reason I suggest sending the message on the order page (and not the message page), is because it is not rare at all to send a message which gets lost in cyberspace. I find that messages get lost on the message page, and not on the order page.
Be sure to explain that the delivery time clock doesn’t start till they fill out the req—so that the buyer understands that you did not deliver late. Otherwise they might leave a negative review.

Crossing my fingers for you :slight_smile:

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Contact the client, if you haven’t contacted the client for the first time, go to the order area> scroll and view at the bottom right> Click view discussion and ask the client to complete the order instructions.


I’ve had the same issue a few times.

  1. Sent them a message through the order page indicating that in order for me to start the project they must provide me with their requirements.

  2. Use the “Resolve Now” feature to send a notification to the buyer.

  3. At this point I will request a cancellation in order to avoid any confusion or the withholding of funds from the buyer.

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Thanks for these suggestions - I just got notified the clock started on a new order; went to check the requirements I asked for, and the client did not fill out anything.
Have sent the client a message, but annoyed that the clock IS indeed ticking away, and I have nothing to start working on.


I would try sending another message, notifying them that you’ll have to cancel the order in 24 hrs (or pick a timeframe you’re willing to wait) if you don’t receive the requested requirements. If they don’t respond, cancel the order. If you do cancel, you may also want to contact CS to explain what happened and see if they can lessen any effects of cancelling.


Thanks - she did reply with a ‘sorry…’ and a long story why she couldn’t give me anything now, so I sent a delay delivery request, and a message to her explaining the ticking clock and to please accept the modification.
I seem to spend more time explaining how fiverr works than doing the actual work lately :slight_smile:


What if buyer place the order but does not fill the requirements and go offline for a week then what will happen with order?


If they didn’t fill out the requirements at all, the Order time clock has not started ticking down yet. I would use the Resolution Center and cancel the order.