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Client placed order and then disappeared

I got an order from this new client. He placed the order without any prior discussion. I need important input for the work and I told him about it. I wrote all the specifications in detail so that he can understand the importance. But the client is unresponsive to my questions. Time is running out and I can’t even start the work.

Is there any solution and what am I supposed to do now?

Thank you.


If a Buyer is unresponsive, initiating a Mutual Cancellation might be a way to get the transaction back on track.

By the way have you used Send A Reminder option within the order page?

Yeah, a mutual cancellation will be the next step. Just a note, if they do cancel it for you after doing this, it’ll result in your completion rate going down. To combat this, let Fiverr support know to revert your completion rate back to what it was since it wasn’t your fault.


I have to check :frowning:
Thank you for the help.

May I contact the Fiverr Support now to explain the situation ?

Did you mean the reminder before project submission? If yes, I have activated it before.

I’d email them now, since they are taking a bit longer to get to support tickets. Just let them know your situation and let them know you want your completion rate to stay the way it was.

You can do a mutual cancellation now if you want. Just let fiverr support know that you had to cancel because the user was unresponsive. But, like another person said, it could result in the buyer responding to you.


Thank you very much. Is there any email address by which I can reach the fiverr support? I don’t have it.

No problem. I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

You should see a button to contact them down the page some here:

You can also go here:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

@nailarafique545 Firstly, remove the username of the buyer/seller, it is against forum rules calling out names.

I have flag my own comment. is it fine or not ?

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It ok… You refunded the buyer from your wallet without the order being cancelled which means you collected the buyer payment details, that’s completely against Fiverr TOS

Well, you can create your own topic and discuss this… this is somebody else thread… don’t let us hijack it.