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Client places order in lower price


Once, A notification appeared to my screen for a new order. I realize the client was the same to whom I sent Offer request. He did mention 100$ budget at that time and When he placed an order it was for 30$ saying that he is really new to the Fiverr platform and mistaken with adding the budget. The design was not so hard but time taking. In this situation, I accepted the order and made it as simple as possible in my bounded time limit but modifications took more time.
I saved my client and my performance too by not getting cancellation of the order. What others can do in this situation? Any other way to solve it without getting affected on performance?


In this case You can send another offer of $70 … …Then It will be $70+$30=$100 …That you wanted…:grinning:


We can not ask for more money unfortunately :smiley: he supposed to place order for 30$ from first. My bad!


You can tell the buyer to place order of the rest amount …


Did he order a $30 package from your gig page or did he order based on a custom offer? For a custom offer the would have had to pay what was specified in the offer, so it sounds like he ordered a normal package instead.


He placed custom order. I dropped 3 images after informing him and completed the order in my budget limit.


I informed him and submitted half project then.


I am still super confused.

Did he reach out to you prior placing an order and you sent him custom offer that he accepted?
Otherwise he could place only an order with one of your gigs.