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Client provided the Credit card details

I was talking a potential client of mine and I told him to order the GIG.
The client order the GIG and provided a screenshot where I can see the details of the Credit Card.

I told him to not worry about anything as I am not going to do anything.

Please tell me if I need to do anything else.

I can’t think of anything else you can do. If he wants to go around showing people his credit card numbers it’s up to him.


I was shocked too. I asked him to call his bank and tell them the situation.

To be honest, I’d cancel this order via CS. There is something fishy here. Your buyer may be planning to charge back and accuse you of theft.

I know that this sounds extreme, but this is not normal behavior and abnormal behavior is usually a sign of trouble ahead.

In the very least, contact CS to make them aware of this situation. The last thing you need is your buyer later going to them to say that you asked for their credit card information.


I agree you should cancel this after reading what cyaxrex wrote! He’s absolutely right.

This is so unusual that he may be up to something. No one does things like this normally.

Be very careful, I would cancel your order.

Thank you soo much. I am going to contact the CS now.

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I delivered the order half hour ago, I did contact the CS. Please if you have any other suggestions, let me know.

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Let us know if anything else strange happens with this please.