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Client put my PC & privacy at risk, & still did this


I’m new to fiverr (only really launched a little over a month ago & had 4 orders in total, all of which were completed way before the deadline & with great reviews. My last gig was for a person who asked me to do data entry through 2 specific websites, & mind you one of the websites had no SSL certificate, I did bring that to the client’s attention, but I still went through & worked on the order.

The day I was finishing the order & planning to send by the afternoon, the 2nd website (the one that did have an SSL certificate) went down (for the 6th time throughout this order’s period…) but this time I got spammed by a “security alert” from my PC mentioning a certificate that’s fishy, I had to close so many security alert popups that time & immediately contacted the client telling them about everything that happened there, I sent them the file with just a couple entries missing since I stopped when I got the security alert.

And this client still put a review of 4.7 stars saying that “the services wasn’t as described” & typing in review “generally, good” while on my side I still put a good review for him regardless of the risky websites he put me through & the virus I got from one of them… I mean what the hell is wrong with people? If there’s one thing I DON’T want to risk no matter what’s at play is my equipment & my privacy for that matter. & now since that order I haven’t had any more orders & even just messages… Is my profile dying because of this client?

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