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Client put review without even realizing


Client put review “65% was found plagiarized, worst ever!”. I wrote the paper in my own words so I submit it for Turnitin and guess what 2% plagiarism found and that was only on name portion, the body of the paper is 100% plagiarism free. I don’t know which software he was using that gives him wrong percentages. What was my mistake in all this? I even don’t know what I should do. I got the review of plagiarism for an unplagiarized document I even have proof of it. Kindly suggest me solution, please

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First of all, request a feedback change from your client (you do that by using the resolution/dispute button on your order page) and kindly ask them to tell you what service/software they used to verify for plagiarism, and tell them what service you used and show them screenshots of your results as proof.

If they refuse to tell you what they’ve used and don’t want to change/remove that review, it’s most likely a person trying to hurt your ratings and I’d contact CS showing them the same proof.


I asked him but he is not replying. CS remove this if I 'll show him proof. ? thank you for the suggestion I 'll contact the CS asap.


CS would first ask you to get to an agreement with your buyer and ask for proof and show yours and such. But if all fails and the buyer simply won’t respond, CS might even remove the feedback with proper proof in place, considering that the buyer has left a review without supplying any proof to support it.