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Client received the work, and cancelled the order

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing great. I recently had an order on Fiverr. The client requested 10 articles. I completed the work and delivered it on time. Later, the order was cancelled by support, and I also received my first ever TOS violation warning on the platform. On reaching out to the support, because the client had disabled the chat, I found that they were some concerns leveled against me for delivering plagiarized work and that some of the articles triggered more than 10 percent plagiarism. Well, that was a shock. I provided support with the Turnitin reports for all the articles, and none recorded plagiarism greater than 10 percent. In fact, most were with ZERO, and some recorded minor 2 to 3 percent plagiarism.

Unfortunately, none of the evidence was useful, as I kept on receiving the same response from the support. Well, I left the matter seeing that there is no positive outcome. But, now I noticed that the client’s profile has been deactivated like it is in case of some complaint against the buyer, and there is this notification, "this user cannot be contacted and it won’t affect your response rate So, the question is, have I been scammed? And if I have provided the evidence, shouldn’t be the support helping me out in this matter?

Thanks so much for taking out time to read this post. I truly appreciate it.

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Hi @irfabatool

I’m sorry to hear about this and would like to share some insights.

Can you open an incognito tab and enter in the buyer’s profile URL. For e.g. if the username is ABC, then the URL will be

If you are able to see the buyer’s profile, then it has not been deactivated. It is just that you are not able to contact the buyer because of what all happened.

The Fiverr team should definitely help you in this case. Can you ask them what software or website they used to judge that the content was plagiarised when the buyer complained to them. That way, you can get a report from that particular software and send them to verify.

Please keep us updated in this matter.

Thanks and regards,


Yep, you got scammed. You should contact support with an appeal.

Thanks so much Shashant for your response. Okay, about the Incognito story, I searched the name and it took me to my dashboard. So, there is no profile under this name. Secondly, yes, I did requested the support to mention the software they used to check the articles, which they refused to tell me, and said this cannot be highlighted beacuse of some rules.

You have any idea what to do next? Thanks again!!!

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That is very unfortunate. You mentioned about the appeal, is there any specific protocol for it, because I already reached out to team on this matter, and there is no positive outcomes, not with all the evidence that I provided.

Thanks so much for your response!!!

You got the ultimate sneakster, the True Vanisher. I will be posting an article on these scammers soon because I have just seen far too many scams here.

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Yes, you must. I mean this is really bad, that I provided all the work. Not one, two, but 10 articles, which is alot of effort. And the more bad thing is that I wasn’t even contacted once by the support before cancelling the order.

Sounds like you were scammed alright.

I also provide article writing through Fiverr.

I have not had the same experience as you (I’ve been here 5 years), but what you describe sounds scammy for sure.

Thanks so much for your response. Given your immense experince on the platform, I would like to know, how we could guard ourselves from such sneakesters? Because I am a student, and I wrote all those articles, investing my time while my assessments were going on. I am surely shocked by this mishap, and how I am not being facilitated by support as well.

Thanks again!!!

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A bit more on me:

I have 40+ years of experience in Media/Marketing with 23 in Broadcasting and 16 in Print (12 as a newspaper owner/publisher/editor).

I’ve seen a lot of scams.

I’ve been freelancing since 2014 and full-time since 2016.

I think it’s just “automatic” when I sense a scam is on the horizon.

The best way to protect yourself is to NOT provide samples of work to anyone, regardless of how good their offer may sound.

Sadly, there are going to be Buyers who are going to cancel regardless.

I’ve had a few myself.

One was for a job that cost me hundreds of dollars.

But, as I learned in the newspaper business, you can’t please everyone and for each “bad” client there is a line up behind them of good clients wanting your service.

You just have to take the good with the bad and usually there’s a lot more good.

I hope that helps.


Great to know about you. You definitely have alot of experience, and I believe that you could see the scammers clearly through the lens of experience. Since I am a beginner, there is a a lot for me to learn here. Thanks so much!!!

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We all should obey the rules. :innocent:

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We must obey the rules, but not let anyone get away with scam too.

Thanks for your response.