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Client requested changes after delivery but doesn't respond - Delivery marked as Late


Hi, I have a problem with an order and would love to receive some advice.

I delivered on time the final artwork about three days ago, and the client didn’t respond until today saying he didn’t like the final illustration and requested changes, which mean I have to make the whole illustration from scratch because my concept did’t meet his expectations.

We initially agreed to had one revision on this order, but he didn’t like my proposal from the beginning. That’s why he requested to change it and I made a whole new concept, which was the one that I delivered. I didn’t offer a second revision because I knew he could request some changes after the final delivery.

Today, I agreed to make the illustration from scratch because I think I just misunderstood what he wanted. So, he asked me if he could send a detailed sketch so I can start from there but it has been 10 hours and I still haven’t receive any messages from him.

I’m worried because last time a client requested changes after the final delivery, I saw a 24 hours countdown on the order page. But this time I only see this: ##:LATE:## and I don’t know if the time is already running but it’s not showing. So I’d like to ask you the following questions:

  • Should I wait until client responds and send me feedback?
  • What will happen if the client doesn’t respond and I can’t send the delivery in less than 24 hours? What should I do?
  • Can I ask for a delivery time extension of several days? I’ll need more than 24 hours to finish this work.
  • How bad is for me, to request a cancellation if the client doesn’t respond?

Also, the order status marks the delivery time as 3 days late, but I delivered on time. I don’t understand.



10 hours isn’t all that long, provided you can either negotiate an extension with the buyer or show CS that you’ve been responsive and professional.

You might start by requesting the extension you’ll need to finish the job. The buyer should understand that you need a certain amount of time.

I know a seller very well who recently went through something like this, but with days of silence on the other end. A letter to CS explaining the situation was enough to demonstrate the seller’s good faith, and the order was recorded as delivered on time. Which in this case it certainly would have been if the buyer had followed through on their promise to send a list of requested changes.

CS can see our entire correspondence with buyers, so that approach works if you’ve been solidly on the side of the angels the whole time.

Hope this helps, even a bit. Good luck!


You can request buyer to extension time to finish the job.



If you initially delivered the order on time, it won’t count against you. It shows ##:LATE:## on the order page because original delivery time has passed. As I said, it will not count against you if you delivered the order on time.

The order will still be in revision process if the client doesn’t respond. You should wait for the client to give you more information about the modification they require.

There is no time limit when you have to deliver modified work. Technically, the order can be in revision indefinite amount of time.

Take your time and redeliver the order when you have all the info you need. :sunny:


Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind!


Thank you! It’s a relief to know that.

So once I receive the requirements from client, I can request a Delivery Time Extension using the Resolution Center, right?