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Client requesting infinite revisions - please help!

Hey there Fiverr gang,

I’ve had this problem a few times before, but this one client is being extremely difficult.

The buyer requested that I do a botanical pattern, I quoted my lowest price of £40 including 1 revision in the package, he pleaded with me to go lower, so I went to £30 to accommodate his needs.

However from the start the client requested many changes, so I edited the concept sketch to appease him, doing a total of 4 revisions on my 1 revision package, however he keeps demanding more and more changes, plucking them from thin air as I work which is leading me to run around in circles wasting hours of my time for no extra money.

I finally reached my limit around the 6th revision telling him I could do no more unless he paid me for my time.
He point blank refuses, and despite me explaining to him calmly in the most reasonable terms why he cannot request infinite revisions.

But he keeps demanding more and more.

I have really reached my limit with this client as they have started using extremely disrespectful language and have talked about getting about trying to get refund.

I have spent far more hours on this project that is worth my time already at this point, and I am afraid of losing out on the money I’m owed as well as this difficult client damaging my scores.

I have contacted Fiverr support about this issue several times and have had no reply, any advice anyone could give me would be amazing!


If you specifically offer only one revision, stick to that one revision, and decline any requests for additional free revisions. Instead, send him a purchase offer to allow him to purchase any additional revisions that he may want. You set the terms of your gig (which should be clearly noted and expressed), and you are allowed to enforce those terms. Buyers are not entitled to work that you do not provide in that order/offer, or that they chose not to purchase.

If the buyer chooses to be rude and abusive, report him to Fiverr. You don’t have to engage with bad buyers who have already been provided with the services they chose to order. Buyers are not entitled to free services that you do not offer.

At this point, just ignor his demands. If you have already delivered what he has ordered, then there is nothing else you can give him, unless he chooses to pay you for your additional time and services. Be polite, be professional, but don’t engage with his demands. He is not entitled to anything more, unless he pays you for those additional services.


Do not accept if the client requests cancellation of the order.

If you cancel his order page and make a cancel request yourself, then no effect will fall on the profile.

And you stay away from these clients. And you learn to work better!

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I’m afraid that simply isn’t true. Cancellations have an impact, whether you initiate them or the buyer initiates them.

The only way they don’t have an impact, is if Customer Support cancel on your behalf, and even then it isn’t guaranteed.


That’s why I’m saying that going customer ray can have a lot of bad aspects. If the seller sees any mistake, it can immediately suspend the profile because here the buyer is given more foothold.

This was so increadibly helpful and put my mind at ease, Thankyou so much.
I guess I was mostly afraid of this impacting my stats negatively on Fiverr, as pong as there is no danger of that happening I will stand my ground.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me!

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This is very true, and unfortunately I have experienced this a few times with Fiverr, once I was outright scammed and not only did I not get paid for around 16 hours of my time, but I also got a cancellation which stopped me from becoming a level one seller.

It’s a shame that the Fiverr doesn’t cultivate a safer environment for sellers, no matter what the blame always seems to be on me, even with the most outrageous clients!

I will just hope for the best.

Thankyou for your time

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You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help put your mind at ease. :slight_smile: