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Client requesting unlimtided changes even after 3 mouths of delivery

hi there, a client , has ordered a gig and since he was not responsive the gig was market as complete, its 3 mouths now that i haven’t heard anything from him and he contact me to have a change for his past order.
its says “this order will be market as complete in 3 days” and now i am questioning if this apply to all buyers ?

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After three whole months of silence, I personally would tell them that I no longer have the original files. You aren’t obligated to continue working with the person once the order is done. Not quite sure I understand your question though - are you asking if the “marked as complete in 3 days” message shows up for everyone? Because if so, yes, it does.

How can it say “the order will be marked as complete in 3 days” if you have delivered the order like 3 months ago? And given that you never heard of them after delivery this means they haven’t rejected/requested modification within that 3 day deadline.

If anything, contact the Customer Support, providing proof that the client hasn’t expressed dissatisfaction at the time of delivery and that now, 3 months later they changed their mind.

All the best

thanks mhallvoice for the great advice ! :smile: this will save me a lot !

Yes, @deisgnheros can contact support with proof or whatever. The question is: will CS side the seller? My guess is “No”. Why? Because @deisgnheros offers unlimited revisions, meaning, that now has to honor the given word.

It has been endlessly advised not to offer unlimited revisions, but no one wants to listen to it.

I’ll say one more time:

Unlimited revisions = Unlimited headaches


hi psychic_diva, after contacting the , its seams my situation was not working to my favor again i have tried this morning to contact them, they told me that this may affect my ranking rating an so forth :pensive:

This is what Fiverr says:

Revisions are optional for sellers to offer. When you offer a revision, you should support the buyer’s request.

Clearly communicate the exact amount of revisions you offer.
When your service offers a revision, you must respect the buyer’s request. It is imperative that you clearly communicate the exact amount of revisions you offer.
If you set unlimited revisions, it’s your responsibility to revise the Gig until the buyer is satisfied.

Are they saying that you have to honour revisions from 3 months ago? Could you paste their answer to your message? I’m quite interested in what Fiverr customer support have to say about the matter and how long we should be storing clients’ files once the order is marked as complete… If you are adamant that you still want to provide unlimited revisions, maybe a way around this happening in the future is to state on your profile that you accept unlimited revisions up until the point the order is marked as complete. If a client needs to delay the date the order is marked as complete to go through your work they can use the resolution centre to request more time.

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Thank you for the follow-up. We are sorry to hear about your experience and we understand your concerns.

At this moment, we can see that you are communicating with your buyer.

Although we are unable to force buyers to accept the order if they experience any issues with it, we would like to assure you that we review each and every case separately, and take care of sellers’ revenues. If you experience issues with your buyer’s requests, we would recommend providing them with the list of what has been initially requested, and what has been delivered so far.

Hope this was helpful. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards.

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When you offer unlimited revisions you are putting up a neon sign saying “COME SCAM ME, I AM CLEARLY DESPERATE FOR SALES AND CAN BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!”
Either you are really bad at doing revisions or the buyer is hoping that by continually asking for revisions that you will eventually cancel the order. My suggestion would be to cancel this order, learn the lesson and stop offering unlimited revisions.

In the past, there have been stories of Support siding with the buyer in situations like this even when the order is complete - unlimited meaning unlimited by time too, I guess.


this client requested new concepts wish is not part of what he descried in his initial requirement , after the first and second delivery he again request a new concept then he asked me to wait wail looking for what he really wants ( its almost saying i well check if i will need you later ) and left ------silence----- -

I would argue against Customer Support that complete changes are not by definition “revisions”.
Customer support disagrees and they decide so I suggest going by their rules.

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I don’t think Fiverr have answered the question satisfactorily! I’d try again to get some specifics. How long do they expect us to store clients’ files etc? After all it is against Data Protection laws to keep data longer than is necessary for the registered purpose… The order was marked as complete and the client would have received ample warning of this happening from Fiverr.

My suggestion would be to do it on this occasion if it’s an easy revision. Hopefully it won’t come up again in the future! Weigh your options though and consider cancellation if absolutely necessary. Just remember that it will affect your stats if you go down this route.

that’s not the point. The point is if you offer unlimited revisions it means exactly that and you could spend the next 25 years working on the order :slight_smile: If you offer unlimited revisions you only have yourself to blame. Have you ever been to one of those eat as much as you can places?? people go in after starving themselves, people go in there and eat insane amounts. Do you know why? because there is a sign on the door saying " Eat everything you want. 5$". The same sign you put on your gig. I suggest you remove it


I agree with this. However, there is a difference between a revision and asking for a new concept.

@deisgnheros I have video clients who occasionally come back weeks or months later and say they need a revision. None of them do. They have been using a delivered video and now want to update it to showcase a different product or try a different video style. I do not offer unlimited revisions. However, you may want to reply to your buyer with something like the following:


I’m sorry, but when I delivered your original order, you had 3-days to ask for as many revisions as you like. During this time, you did ask for revisions and I did provide these. Now you are asking for an enirely new concept design. This does not constitute a revision and this is not something which I can provide FOC.

Kind Regards,


Your buyer may go to CS and get a refund. If they do, this is simply your fault for offering free revisions. However, I can only really see this happening if you have had this order sitting in revision status all this time. If it automatically completed and the funds for this order have long since cleared, I would think that CS would understand that your buyer is simply trying to get new work FOC and not refund them.

In either case, do not provide this buyer with anything new. There will be nothing stopping them coming back days, weeks, or months from now, to request more changes or concept designs. It is also of paramount importance that you edit your gigs asap to limit the number of revisions you offer.

Offering unlimited revisions is not a savvy sales and marketing tactic. It just creates exactly the situation you are experiencing.


That’s a flawed logic. and some might even say stupid

Once the order is completed, it doesn’t matter if the seller had offered unlimited or a single revision. The job is done. Its the end of that order.

Why would anyone need to provide revision after the order is completed.? Think !

But the buyer exploiting the charge backs for free works is a whole different story unrelated to the unlimited revision.(Even this might not be possible after 3 months)

Think or not but it’s better to remain polite and not passive aggressive.

Logic can not be stupid.

Because it’s “ unlimited” revisions. And you can tell fiverr CS to “think” not to @maitasun.
We saw a lot of stories here on the forum where Fiverr CS cancelled orders after they were completed just because sellers refused to continue providing revisions when they had written “unlimited revisions” in their description.
So you also please “think” before attacking people if you are being fair or just passive aggressive because that’s also against forum rules.


I like how it suddenly turned into a debate where people get destroyed with facts and logic. :slight_smile:

The fact is, unlimited revisions attract buyers who exploit sellers. While in theory it’d make perfect sense for the revisions to be over when the order is marked as complete, Customer Support doesn’t think so. I know it because I asked them. Multiple times.

I don’t even know why I’m commenting on the statements made by a brand new account with no sales but I guess, it just bears repeating for anyone else wondering.

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Still dont get it.?

Once the order gets completed. Its done.

Unlimited revision in no way means support after the completion of the project.

You opinion and feelings hardly matters.

and yes the idea that you have to do revision after job is completed is stupid. Again your feelings doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect the truth.

You are probably too hot in the head right now to thing outside your own, but i hope you will realize eventually.

CS doesnot cancel order because the seller didnot offer revision after the job completion.

In almost all of those cases, the buyer either do charge backs or will find some fault in the work and keep complaining the CS.

But not giving revision after job completed is not the reason.