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Client resold sketch (redrawn by them) on Fiverr

Yes, but they are on platform from 2016 and only made 13-20 sales so you can’t really guess what is the deal there.

But, now that the thing is resolved, suggestion:
" I am offering cheap commissions for anime art and character design. "
Change cheap in to affordable. Cheap indicates that you are more-or-less OK with doing it for 5 and someone resells for 35…

In GIG description:
" I will create some amazing conceptual sketches for your character!"
This alone indicates that I am buying a sketch from you. Logically, I would develop it further from the “sketch state”. So commercial rights should be mentioned in description too (if you want CR that is charged extra or something like that)

Profile description
“hi!! :0c I am open for custom orders too!!!” Am I too old to get what :0c stands for?

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If someone is looking for fursona do you think they will search for furry or fursona?
Since your tag is furry.

If you generally don’t want to work with resellers, you could try to highlight that in your gig description and FAQ, or stress that you only work with end customers for better and faster collaboration or something that sounds more positive, but I think there’s a good chance that it would keep the more decent kind of resellers from ordering from you, while it wouldn’t keep the ones you might not want to work with from ordering.

Basically, you can ask resellers to not order, just like we can ask people to not order before they contacted us, but they can still can do it.

You should price your gigs (if via commercial license or regular gig price) so that you won’t go and do maths like “and they made 7x more profit” retrospectively. Once you delivered it, let it go. :notes: :wink:

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You should’ve probably read ToS instead of assuming.